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Monday, January 24, 2011

Is the New Testament more important than the Old Testament?

Sounds like a silly question at first, but is it? For those who call themselves Christians, shouldn't the New Testament (you know, the one that tells us about Jesus!) be more important than the Old Testament that is just full of old laws, history, and God smiting people?? I mean come on, the New Testament tells us who Jesus is, what His death and resurrection does for humanity, and what God has done in this world through sending the Holy Spirit and starting the Church. That sounds a whole lot more important and exciting than some old, boring stories!

Hold your horses! It is true that the New Testament is very important for us as Christians because it shows us the fulfillment of our faith and who we are to become jut like, Jesus, but it is only the second part of the story!! Have you ever wanted to go see a movie and thought, "Well, the movie starts at 7:00 p.m. and is 2 hours long, so if I wait until 8:45 p.m. to go in, then I will see the best part and can be done!" Though this sounds absurd and nobody in their right mind would do this, this is exactly what happens if we only read the New Testament. Sure, by itself the New Testament is full of some awesome stuff, but if you leave out the Old Testament you leave out some pretty important stuff that sets up the setting for the New Testament.

For instance:
1) Without the OT you lose the background of the Pharisees, why they were so caught up in laws and rules, and why they objected to Jesus' teachings. If you read only the NT, then you would know there was tension there, but you would lose the whole picture of why they sought to kill Him.

2) Without the OT you would miss out on a list of stories that tell us so much about God and His character. Stories like: how He created the world, choosing and leading His people out of slavery in Egypt, the line of kings, some pretty inspiring poetry that makes even grown men tear up (it's pretty emotional and inspiring stuff!), and so much more!!

3) Without the OT you would be lost when Paul and others refer back to the OT in their writings. You see, the NT is the continued story of the OT and when we leave the OT out, we only read a part of the story!

One thing we need to keep in mind too is that God's story does not end with the NT. God has continued to work throughout time and is still writing His story through human history today. The awesome part is that He wants to use you and me to write His story, to change lives, and to make an impact on this world for Him. So, even though parts of the OT can be hard to read and (to be honest) can be a little boring, if we just throw it out, then we lose the foundation of God's story and we miss out on so much!

As Christians can we relate more with the NT and even reference it more? Sure, but we need to keep in mind that it is not the beginning of the story and when we get a deeper understanding of the OT it helps us unpack so much more of the NT.

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  1. the OT is not a old book with boring stories BUT the New Testament is more important than the Old Testament thats for sure